What is Next Level Discipleship?

We believe in making disciples at HWC. If you are wanting to be a part of one of our amazing discipleship classes and/or you desire to join our amazing ministry team, Next Level is for you. This four-week study will help connect you with leaders of groups in our church as well as prepare you for ministry at the church. No matter what level you’re on spiritually, there’s a place for you to grow at Heartland Worship Center!

Step 1: Believe

Step One is all about believing in God. We want you to know God personally. Step One takes place the first Sunday of the month.

Step 2: Belong

Step Two focuses on getting you connected to the life of the church. We all grow faster and better together. Step Two takes place the second Sunday of the month.

Step 3: Become

Step Three helps you become the person God wants you to be. God has created you with gifts and talents, and He desires for you to us them in the church. Step Three takes place the third Sunday of the month.

Step Four: Build

Step Four positions you to live out your purpose and make a difference through the church. Step Four takes place the fourth Sunday of the month.